Welcome to our Kiko India

About our Kiko Store

In India’s fast growing retail industry filled with crowded hyper markets, monotonous electronic chains and absent music outlets and mobile accessories, comes an innovative concept store that combines fashion, technology and entertainment.

Kiko India is India’s first exclusive online store for headphones, earphones, speakers and more mobile accessories featuring the world’s finest headphones from Kiko brand for their sound, design and style. 

Nippun Singh started Kiko in 2015 after realising that most big retailers had little to no understanding of electronic accessories such as headphones or earphones and consumers had little understanding or options. And so, it is our commitment to personalize your listening experience as much as possible.

Why Kiko ?

A Unique Headphone for Everyone

We find that each person needs a unique listening experience suited to their personality and so there is a right headphone for everyone.

We believe in bringing the best music listening devices from around the world to India’s passionate music listening population. Be it headphones, earphones, high-resolution music player as well as complementing accessories like memory foam ear tips, headphone stands, and more.

The World's Finest in Mobile Accessories

It is our mission to feature brand kiko that introduce you to a premium music listening experience. At Kiko, you will only find genuine and original products that are backed by their genuine warranties.

India's first campaign toeducate all our consumers about the risks of counterfeit headphones in India. We want you to beware of fakes.

Talk to a Headphone Guru

It is our aim to help you have the best music listening experience and we are able to facilitate informed decisions through our buying guide. We ensure you make the right pick by talking to our in-house experts.

How we do this is by ensuring that you know what your options are based on how you like your music to sound. Some like pronounced lower frequencies while some prefer a flat sound. It's our priority that you're having the best music listening experience possible in your budget.